Guest blog by my B.U.B.

this is spot on.
It’s exactly what Getting Along seeks to address.
so reassuring to read such frank and necessary comment.

bub 2My darling husband and I were talking about how some of the roles have had to change between or for us, and how much easier it would be for him if he just took everything over for me. It would be easier for him. And it would be a darn site easier for me. But, it would also be very detrimental to me, with regard to my ability to continue to function, as well as my emotional health and the deleterious impact on social isolation. Whilst I have to struggle to do things, it does in fact, keep me doing them. I need help often, but not someone to take over everything for me.

Sometimes he speaks out, occasionally even at a conference, and in New Zealand last year he annoyed at least a couple of family carers or supporters. What he is says is sometimes a little hard for others to…

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