Getting Along – Meat on the bones of Policy Demands!

Getting Along – Looking at relationships in dementia care

The Getting Along programme addresses the subject of relationships between couples where one partner has been diagnosed with a dementia. One of the earliest difficulties that many people report is the amount of silly arguments (or even blazing rows) that tend to happen. These can be really draining, cause a lot of tension and damage relationships.

Often a lot of the difficulties are actually caused by the presence of a dementia and they are nobody’s fault, but when you have perhaps lived with each other for decades it must be hard to get used to.

Getting Along seeks to address the change in the dynamic of any relationship affected by the presence of a dementia, so is not just for couples.

You should have done this with me and my daughter …, because I don’t think she understands my dementia’. Participant

We made a short film of the pilot you can see here.

 In England, Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia calls for.

Every person diagnosed with dementia having meaningful care following their diagnosis.’

The draft Welsh dementia strategy recognises the impact of dementia on the wider family unit. ‘Many individuals have told us that the diagnosis of dementia can make them feel excluded … even within their family’.

In Scotland too, with a guarantee of 1 year of post diagnostic support available for all recently diagnosed, Getting Along programmes can be a practical help at a time when, although physically well, people might be falling into the many traps that dementia sets within a relationship.

‘I would say our arguments have reduced by about 90% since we did this programme’

For more information contact me, Damian Murphy, at Innovations in Dementia CIC

M:  07927 405 854 E-mail



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