A GOOD LIFE WITH DEMENTIA – a course for people newly diagnosed in YORK


Want to find out more about your diagnosis of dementia?

A GOOD LIFE WITH DEMENTIA  is a free dementia course for you.

It will give you the opportunity to address questions such as:

  1. What do you understand about your dementia?
  2. Can I live well with dementia?
  3. What are my rights? And is it always my fault?!
  4. Where can I get help and how do services work?

We will offer you a home visit to have the opportunity to meet the tutors prior to the course and to express any particular learning needs or questions you might have.

Course Dates:

Tuesday 10th April

Tuesday 17th April

Tuesday 24th April

Tuesday 1st May

Tuesday 8th May

Tuesday 15th May

Monday  21st May (Graduation Party)

For more information and to enrol, simply contact either

Damian Tel: 07927 405 854  e-mail: dementiafriendly@outlook.com


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