A Good Life With Dementia – a celebration

No doubt our Wendy will be blogging about the course today so here’s a brief one from me. We all met together tutors and learners yesterday and reviewed the course. We reviewed all the things we’d learnt, some magic moments and agreed upon a statement of learners as a resource to be put out there. it’s a mixture of learning points, rights and expectations from the world around. Courses elsewhere will have their own charisma and produce different resources – but here’s to the Minds and Voices and especially our learners:

A Good Life With Dementia – Our Statements

A diagnosis of dementia is not the end – it’s the beginning of something.

We all have good and bad days – like anyone

Although brain cells die, we can still hold an equal place in our communities;

Although brain cells die, we can still hold an equal place in our relationships

Although brain cells die, we still have plenty in reserve and life goes on.

Dementia is not our fault

How else will people know how we are feeling if we don’t talk to one another openly – it’s a two-way thing.

So what if we repeat things.

Respite is not about moving out it is about a healthy space for all

It is not the dementia that makes us suffer

Dementia friendly is just about being friendly

The world is a better place for walking – use it or lose it!

Diagnosis causes a huge dive in confidence – bear that in mind and don’t rub it in!

Joining research projects is so important. It keeps us busy and can help provide a legacy for those who come after us.

If we can’t access what we’re entitled to because of our dementia, then that is discrimination

I’m still me – We have a right to be ourselves

We are more than a label or a case on somebody’s desk

We have a right to access meaningful and practical support after a diagnosis and not to feel abandoned

Learning amongst equals is a better way of learning

Learning and sharing amongst equals makes us happy

We also produced a local ‘first steps and key numbers’ document to add to local information provision based on gaps in provision that the learners and tutors identified

Throughout the course there were so many moments that justified it’s creation.

The dive in confidence following a diagnosis was a theme throughout the course. The huge impact of diagnosis on someone’s confidence cannot be underestimated and this course was about counteracting that. Our learners present on the last day mentioned the new and renewed confidence they have and the confidence their carers have in them too! A Good Life with Dementia is about recovery and discovery in so many ways.

There is a huge gap post diagnosis – so often the feeling of being on the edge of a cliff upon receiving a diagnosis. Doctors do the necessary medical thing and break the news. Some are better than others but after that the real need is to learn about living in the new reality of a diagnosis of dementia. Most information programmes are aimed at helping carers to cope. A Good Life with Dementia is a course tailored to help people with dementia cope. It’s co-produced and delivered by people living with dementia and who better to learn from about living well with dementia than people doing just that?


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